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Ace2Three ( A23 Rummy )

a23 rummy app download

One of the most popular games today is the Ace2Three online card game.  It has a strong user base and is ranked No. 2 in the top 20 most popular games in India.  Ace2Three is an online multiplayer gaming portal that offers Rummy card game. 

It offers two-player and six-player options for tournaments, pool games of 101 & 201, point games, deals rummy and much more where you can get free 5000 chips for playing free rummy games online. 

It gets reloaded anytime when your balance is low so it doesn’t stop your continuity.  Ace2Three was launched in 2007 and by 2008 it started attracting a lot of attention.  The game is owned by Hyderabad based company Head Infotech. 

The game has a strong user base of 45 million and is led by a young CEO Deepak Gullapally. The app offers secure payment mode and all transactions are encrypted with 2048-bit SSL.  Information is not shared with third parties.

The games are monitored round the clock and measures to prevent collusion are put in place before and during each game.  Anti-fraud algorithms are available to track every move.  Suspicious players are barred from playing on the virtual table. The app is secured and approved by the Supreme Court of India.  You can download the app for free from the download button below.