Teen Patty Master App Dowanlod | Download get Bonus ₹30 Teen Patti Master App

Teen Patti Master is a very cool application that lets you play card-like games like 7 off down, juru let, car roulette and inside out you get to play Teen Patti Master Sign Up Bonus ₹  30 is easily available, the minimum withdrawal is ₹ 100, which you can send money to your account by playing the game from here

How to Teen Patti master App?

Teen Patti Master contains risky element it can be addictive please play carefully and play with your own responsibility.

ArticleTeen Patti master App Download
App NameTeen 
Sign Up Bonus30
Min. Withdraw100

Teen Patti master App Dowanlod ?

To download the Teen Patti Master application, first you can download it by clicking on the given download button or the official link has been given, from there you can also download and make money.

How to Sing-up Tenn patty master App?

To sign up in Teen Patti Master, first you have to enter the mobile number as if you enter the mobile number, then an OTP will be sent to you, by entering that OTP, you can proceed from here and get ₹ 30 bonus.  .

 Enter your mobile number in the given blank section.

 After that you have to get up too.

 You will get Signup Bonus ₹30.

 Can not play game from ₹ 30, it is necessary to have ₹ 100 to play the game

Refer And earn Teen Patti master?

If friends want to earn money from Teen Patti Master without investing then you can turn on a lot of money by sharing with your friends or with your relatives like you do with your friend or with your relatives  So you will get a commission bonus of 30%.  Along with that, if a friend downloads, then you get ₹ 20, if similar friends download, then you will get ₹ 2000 like this.

 Customer service sport?

To take customer support in Teen Patti Master, first of all you will see a small icon, tap on it as if you tap, then online you can get your problem solved from here and get your help.

Friends, if you have liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends, also tell those people that you can earn real money from Teen Patti Master App.

Additional Info of Teen Patti Master App

Q. What is the minimum withdrawal limit in Teen Patti Master?

 Answer:- Minimum ₹ 100 withdrawal has been kept in Teen Patti Master.

 Q. How much commission does Teen Patti Master get?

 Answer:- A commission of 30% has been kept in Teen Patti Master.

 Q. What is the minimum amount I can add in Teen Patti Master?

Answer:- The minimum money you can add in Teen Patti Master is ₹100.

 Q. What is the signup bonus for Teen Patti Master?

 Answer:- Signup bonus in Teen Patti Master is available up to ₹30.

 Q. How many account IDs can I create in Teen Patti Master?

 Answer:- Only one ID can be created in Teen Patti Master.

 Is my money safe?  three strip master

 Answer: Our gaming application enables more advanced security features to ensure the storage of financial and personal information received from players.  We make sure we comply with data protection legislation and that their slots and other games are checked by external security companies.

 How do you register for the game?

 Answer: Click on Play as Guest and then click on your avatar icon to register your mobile phone number.  Click on the Bound button.  Fill in the information and enter the required password.  Click on OTP and you will receive the code via SMS.  Once received, fill in the code and click on Confirm to complete the registration.  Welcome and enjoy the game!

How to choose?  three strip master

 Answer: Click on Withdraw at the bottom of your lobby, then select your desired withdrawal option (Bank or UPI) and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then click on Withdraw.

 What is the minimum withdrawal amount?  three strip master

 Answer: The minimum withdrawal is Rs 100, the maximum withdrawal amount is unlimited.

 What is the maximum withdrawal time per day?

 Answer: There is no time limit for withdrawal per day.

 What are the withdrawal options?  three strip master

 Answer: We support bank cards and UPI mode of withdrawal.

 how to play?  three strip master

 Answer: Rules are there in every game.  You can find them in the top right corner of the game screen.

 What are the required bets?  three strip master

 Answer: Required bets are the bets that you have to fulfill before you can withdraw money from your game account.

 How to invite friends to the game?  three strip master

How much bonus can I get for inviting a friend to the game?

 Answer: When your friend wins the game, you can get 15%-30% commission from profit.  Example: When your friend places a bet of Rs.100 on Tiger in Dragon VS Tiger and wins, the system will charge 5% tax, and you will get 15% 30% commission of 5% tax.  The system tax is Rs.5, your friend gets a benefit of Rs.95, and you get Rs.0.75 to Rs.1.5.

 Where can I see my commission?  three strip master

 Answer You can go to the lobby click on the bottom left and see and you can check and claim

 How long is the recharge time to credit my game account?

 Answer Recharge is usually credited to your game account instantly (3-5 minutes).  But when the bank delays processing your payment, we cannot receive your payment and deposit the money into your game account

 How long does withdrawal take?  three strip master

 Answer: Withdrawals are usually immediate (5-10 minutes).  It takes 24-72 hours to complete due to bank delays.

 What if I haven't received a withdrawal from my bank or UPI account after 72 hours?

 Answer: If after 72 hours you still do not receive your funds, we will refund your withdrawal to your game account, and you can start a fresh withdrawal again.

 Is my money safe during the withdrawal process?

 Answer: Yes.  Please don't worry about your money as we assure you that the process is safe.

 What should I do if the prompt (Legal Input) appears while binding bank or UPI information?

 Answer Please make sure the information is correct.  Or you can try to close the application and try again after 15 minutes.  If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance.

 What should I do if the prompt (number already tied) appears when registering a game?

Answer: Another game account is used to bind this number.  Please use another phone number to register for the game and be informed that you can only register one device and one mobile phone number for one game account.  Their slots and other games are audited by external security.

 What should I do if I have forgotten my login password?

 Answer: Click on Forget Password button after clicking on Logon to set a new password.  Enter your phone number and click on OTP to receive the code via SMS.  Enter the code you received and set a new password.


On this website, you people get Rummy application which is not for the person below 18 years of age. So all these games can only be played by persons Above 18+ years of age and they also involve financial risk, so be sure to keep this in mind as well.


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