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 Friends, if you like to play Ludo then what is Ludo supreme gold for you?  And must know about ludo supreme gold se paise kaise kamaye.  Because through this game you can enjoy the game as well as earn money sitting at home.

Through this post we will know what is ludo supreme gold?  How to earn money from ludo supreme gold?  And ludo supreme gold game is a real game or you will know all kinds of information related to fake etc.

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if you want to earn money along with playing online games, then you must know about ludo supreme gold because it is a very exciting game that you can enjoy by playing and earn money as well.

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What is ludo supreme gold 

Ludo supreme gold is an online game.  This game is based on Perfection Ludo.  You can play this Ludo game online and you can also play online with your friends by making room.

 Along with playing this game, you can also earn money from this game.  How much money you can earn from this game depends on your gaming skills.  If you are a student then your pocket money will be gone.

 In today's time on ludo supreme gold, many people play the game and enjoy as well as earn money from this game. This game is based on perfection ludo, so this game is very good for those who like to play ludo.  Is.

Ludo supareme Gold App Dowanlod

ludo supreme gold game is not available on play store because it is a real money earning game and google play store policy does not support any type of real money game

 So you can download this game from its official website.  To download the game, click on the link given below, after that follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click on the given link

Step 2: Click on Download App

Step 3: Install the app on the phone

Step 4: Start playing the game

If Unkown Sources option is not turned on in your phone, then to install the app, it has to be enabled by going to settings, then only you will be able to install this app.

How to create account in Ludo Supreme Gold?

When you have downloaded this ludo supreme gold game, then you have to create an account on it, only then you can play this game.

To create an account on this, you have to follow the following steps given by us.

Step 1 - Open the app and enter mobile number

 Step 2 - Allow SMS permission

Step 3 - Verify the OTP received on the mobile number

Step 4 – Enter your name and select language then click on Continue

As soon as you open the game, two types of options appear in front of you, one speaks for registration from mobile number and one is for registration from Gmail.

If you select the mobile option, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.  The OTP has to be filled in the blank space and after selecting the name and language, your account will be created.

If you login with Gmail, then as soon as you enter the user ID of Gmail, your account gets automatically logged in and takes the name from Gmail itself.

How to get ₹10 from Ludo Supreme Gold?

When you download this app from my link you will get 10 sign up bonus.  Click on the link below to download the app

How to earn money with Ludo Supreme Gold?

There are a lot of contests happening in Ludo supreme gold, you can earn money by participating in them.  You also have to pay an entry fee to participate in the contest.

Let me tell you that you can use Rs.10 received in Sign Up Bonus as Entry Fee.  If you win the game, you can also transfer it to the bank.

After participating in the contest, you have to play Ludo game with other people.  If you win the game by defeating everyone, then you get the prize money.

How to play Ludo in Ludo Supreme Gold?

ludo It is very easy to play, you can play ludo with people online or you can create your own room and play ludo with your friends.

with people online

To play Ludo with people online, open the app and click on Play Online, after this you will see a lot of contests and prize money will also be visible.

Entry Fees have to be filled to participate in any contest, when you fill the Entry Fees, then the contest starts according to the time in which you have to play Ludo.

making room

To play Ludo by making a room, you have to click on Play With Friends, after that click on the Create button.  After this, after selecting 2 or 4 numbers, click on Create Table.

After this Invite Code will come in front of you.  You have to give this code to your friends, they will go to this Invite Code and join your room, after that both of you will be able to play Ludo online.

Rules of Ludo Supreme Gold Game.

Before playing the game, you need to know its rules, so let's know.

You have to make your move within 15 seconds in the game.  You will be out of the game if you do not play 3 times

Your score will be 1 on a running run and your points will be doubled when the token reaches its home

If someone cuts your token then it will come to its start point.

You cannot beat both tokens by having two tokens in the same place.

On arrival 6, you will get the bill again when the Token reaches the house and when the Token is beaten

The game will be over within 10 minutes and the winner will be declared according to the point.

How to add money in Ludo Supreme Gold?

Money has to be added to play the game.  If you add money by filling my coupon then you get 100% cashback.

That is, if you add ₹ 10, you get a cashback of ₹ 10, in this way a total of ₹ 20 gets added to your wallet.

With this money, you can take part in many leaks that are going on in this and earn money by playing online ludo games.

Follow the steps below to add money

Step 1 – Click on Settings

Step 2 – Click on My Balances

Step 3 – Click on Add

Step 4 – Enter the amount and click on Referral/Coupons

Step 5 – Enter 89XXX31WAR in Referral/Coupons

Step 6 – Click on Add Money

step 7 – Select payment method and add money

In this game, there are a lot of contests going on all the time but if you are new then you should either join the free contest or the contest which is within ₹ 10.

When you or you start believing that we are winning money from this Ludo game then only you can join big contest and then join and earn money from it.

How to withdraw money in Ludo Supreme Gold?

In ludo supreme gold, when you win more than ₹ 30, you can transfer this winning money through your bank account or UPI.

To withdraw money ludo supreme gold, follow the following steps

1. First you open this app and money will appear at the top, click on it.  By which you go to the wallet of the game.

2. On the second number in this wallet, you see the option of withdraw amount, click on this option.

3. On clicking on the withdraw option, Amount has to be entered on the new page and UPI ID or Bank Account has to be selected in Withdraw Modes.

4. When you select UPI ID, you can transfer money by entering UPI Id, while choosing a bank account, Account Holder Name, IFSC Code, Account Number have to be filled.

Is Ludo Supreme Gold Real or Fake?

Friends, this question must be coming in your mind that ludo supreme gold game from which we can earn money or does the game really give money or it does not get any money.

So friends my answer is yes you can earn money through this game but you can't earn much money from this game

If you want to earn money in this game then first you have to invest money in this game and only if you win this game you get money.

Ludo Supreme Gold Refer and Earn.

Friends, the way every online earning app has the Refer and Earn option, similarly the Refer and Earn option has been given in Ludo Supreme Gold Apps.

Through which you can earn money from refer and earn, if you download this game from other people and they download this game from your refer then you get money.

If you share this game with other friends then you get 150 rupees on one referral but you get 150 when you download that game from your referral link and add money to that game.


On this website, you people get Rummy application which is not for the person below 18 years of age. So all these games can only be played by persons Above 18+ years of age and they also involve financial risk, so be sure to keep this in mind as well.


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